Page Candidates Forum

Find the next best thing to your ideal member of parliament at our Page candidates forum!

So far we have 6 candidates locked in: they are (ladies first!) Kudra Falla-Ricketts, Bethany McAlpine, Janelle Saffin, Anna Ludvick (AJP), Kevin Hogan, and Mark Ellis (LDP) and there could even be more on the way to the forum.

Our MC is Larissa Zimmerman who stood as a senate candidate for the sex party in the 2010 election. She got more primary votes than Labor’s Matt Thistlewaite. Matt got in on preferences, Larissa didn’t. Larissa is now a member of SustainAustralia.

Larissa will allow each candidate 5minutes to address the audience followed by 90minutes of cut through questions, which she’ll deliver, then they’ll be answered by each candidate. Some questions are being thrashed out locally and some are coming from the bowels of GetUp!

Be assured that we have systems in place to make this a bullshit free forum. Fortitude may briefly be required in the initial 5 minute segments but after that the candidates will be compelled to answer the questions without running off the rails (unless they’re on the rail from Mur’bah to Robina), without polly speak, jargon and obfuscation.

 Page is marginal so we get to decide who governs Australia.

 Guaranteed to be the fun way to become a more savvy voter!

Please send your questions to candidates for this forum to me, Alan Roberts, contact details on this page and we’ll see if we can get them in.

WHEN 07 June 2016 6:30pm - 8pm
WHERE Lismore City Hall
1 Bounty St
Lismore, NSW 2480
CONTACT Alan Roberts · · 66635224
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Will you come?